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Break Open Your Market.

With Confidence.

Pathfinders Plow The Road For Founders and CROs Entering New Markets

94% of Funded Companies Fail Before Reaching Growth Stage

It's preventable.

Growth People Are Execution Experts





They are not experts in using the scientific method to test GTM hypotheses in the market.

Pathfinders:  Market-Learning Experts

The path to market understanding.

Founders Need To Test GTM and Product

Founders entering a new market must directly engage with the market before hiring expensive GTM people and systems.


Only founders can effectively change and test elements of product, GTM process, messaging, and value.


Pathfinders are GTM experts assisting founders in the effort. 

Why Companies Fail

Before Reaching Growth

Founders often skip early market learning and validation. They staff up with powerful, expensive growth stage operators, presume they'll take care of it, and run out of money.


Pathfinders are Go-To-Market experts that help founders and business leaders learn to sell into new markets. 

Image of a path forward in the wilderness.
A Pathfinder happily leading a company to successful GTM.

When Are

Pathfinders Needed?

A pathfinder halping a company find the GTM knowledge they're looking for.

How Do

Pathfinders Operate?

Dave Explains In Under 3 Minutes

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