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Essential Systems To Break Open A New Market

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What You'll Learn

Fewer than 10% of venture-backed companies ever reach growth stage. They never achieve predictable market traction, and never understand what happened. They simple exit the market one way or another. The missing information is, WHY are overwhelming numbers of prospects choosing to ignore them or simply pass. Most cannot effectively reach prospects so they can’t get answers. Others have issues with market selection, product-market fit, insertion, GTM fit, cross-functional operations, etc., etc., etc. This course teaches teams how to find the information the need, directly from the market itself. These are Essential Systems, operated by founders, leaders and early employees across all departments as a team. Who Should Take The Course: This course is designed for founders and leaders in a company, including those in product, sales, marketing, business development, support, customer success, and finance/operations. The Purpose: Is to significantly reduce the failure rate for teams entering a new market. Part 1 of the course focuses on providing students with a deep understanding of why so many companies fail (and how to avoid that fate). Part 2 provides an overview of proven systems that prevent failure. Participants will be empowered to collectively ensure the success of their company.

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