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We help companies solve the biggest problem they'll ever face.

Well over 90% of funded market entrants fail.

They build a product, experience weak market traction, and run out of money.

Prendessa Was Created To Prevent This.

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The Big Picture

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Technical Founder's Shituation

Founders lack relevant knowledge and experience.  They can't reach their market, find PMF & GTMF, or design & build multi-departmental operations.

Founders Struggle

Founders seek help and hire growth stage leaders. Growth stage people are experts at execution - after finding PMF, GTMF and the market is well understood. These good people, hired too early, are replaced one by one until they get lucky or fail.

Prendessa's Contribution
  1. Teach founders how to reach their market and use the scientific method to find PMF, GTMF, and market learning.

  2. Pathfinders assist founders in market learning.

  3. Private advisory boards for growth stage CEOs with non-competitive peers who help each other.

Over 100 Companies and Agencies Served

As an Officer, Advisor, or Consultant

As Officer in their Portfolios

Venture and Private Equity Investors

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