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I'm the CEO of Prendessa and a Vistage Chair.

I founded Prendessa after serving as a 2 time CEO and 6 time CRO in venture backed and private equity backed companies resulting in 3 IPOs and over a half dozen acquisitions.  I've also supported over 100 companies through Prendessa, as a consultant, or in a similar role.


94% of funded companies never reach a growth stage. They're unable to gain predictable market traction. That's preventable. It's also recoverable. Pathfinders can help.

Scaling a growth stage company is also challenging. An advisory board of non-competitive CEOs is the best tool to enable a CEO to work through real issues in a safe, confidential environment. That's why we moderate private CEO advisory boards, in partnership w/ Vistage.

Getting to market successfully, and thriving to stay on top, are the greatest challenges every modern company faces. That's why Prendessa is in business.

Dave Butler

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Current and Past Engagements (over 150 served)

Solve Problems With Trusted Friends

CEO Advisory Board

Note: Developed with Vistage, the world's largest and most successful CEO support organization with over 45,000 CEO members.

  • Monthly meetings with up to 18 other (non-competitive) CEOs

  • Monthly coaching and accountability sessions to resolve problems

  • Periodic speakers

CEO Advisory Boards provide:

Any growth stage business can stall as the CEO/CRO feels assaulted by a 24/7 avalanche of problems and new competition. They need trusted help that will listen, strategize and help assure accountability. The best help comes from other, non-competitive CEOs dedicated to the success of each other.

Private CEO advisory boards are moderated by Prendessa, designed with Vistage.


Help Founders Test Their Go-To-Market Strategy

Pathfinders Assist With:

  • Product-Market Fit (including hypotheses and test design)

  • Insertion Strategy

  • Go-To-Market Fit Playbook

  • Field Telemetry (know when you're losing PMF or GTMF)

  • ICP selection, validation and early sales

​Note: Pathfinders assist the CEO and founders with the effort. They don't replace them (CEO must lead all these efforts.)

Go to market expert at work.

When companies enter a new market it often takes them years to find market traction. In fact, 94% of funded startups fail before ever reaching growth stage. They can't reach prospects, sell effectively, or grow their installed base.

There is a better way. Pathfinders, aka renaissance reps, are the answer.




  • Build product to Alpha testing

  • Ensure process for product changes

  • Enable product to be validated

Development is a low risk process



The most dangerous time faced by any company

Leaders hire growth stage experts without the market knowledge they require. 94% of them fail for this reason as they run out of money.

Go-to-market is high risk



In the race to scale and gain market share, companies often stall

The most effective help for a CEO often comes from trusted peers in a private CEO advisory board.

Growth stage is high risk




Build defenses into the product and systematically expand into adjacent markets.

Market dominance is a low risk time




Inspiration leads to success.

Break open your market.

Then dominate it.

Courses and content backed by access to experts and community.

Pathfinders help you test and validate product and GTM strategies.

Help growth stage companies stay on top and thrive.

... because other CEOs give the best advice

... so we can get to market safely and rapidly

... because thrilling challenges help us thrive


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